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Friday, January 8, 2016

running through my head

Today was a feeding frenzy, literally. Wesley ate and ate. And as he did so, I reflected on how blessed I am to be in the position, where I was able to oblige him.
He ate in the pharmacy section of Walmart. He ate in the parked car outside the farmer's market. He ate and ate, and ate some more at home. And while he ate, all I could think was how blessed we are that Winslow is home and able to focus on the older kids (and dinner and cleaning!), so that I am able to focus on Wesley and his needs. And how blessed we are that Wesley is growing and is healthy. And how blessed we are to live in a country where breastfeeding is promoted and accepted (I recently read a very disturbing news story about a woman in Syria persecuted for breastfeeding. Yes, feeding her baby!).

Other thoughts...

Lately I have been pondering where I see myself and my photography business going in the next few years. I know that I am at a turning point and that things are changing. Recently, while talking with Sarah, I expressed my fears, worries and frustrations about the uncertainty of it all. And as always, she came to my rescue by reminding me that things must change, and wouldn't it be boring if we never had change. Her words comforted me and allowed me to feel hopeful. I am now feeling more accepting of the changes that are, and will continue to happen. I am going to be open to the new possibilities and allow my heart to lead my work.

And to close off ...

It was the first week back to school after the Christmas break. It was hard for us to get ourselves back into a weekday routine, and we found ourselves all wanting to stay in bed well past the alarm clock wake up.
I found myself missing Noah so much, as he was gone for much of the day. I found myself cherishing the moments I had with Katia, knowing deep down that next year, she will be gone for much of the day as well. I found myself looking forward to Saturday morning, when we will all stay in jammies and sleep in as much as we want.
But despite it being hard to let go of the relaxed holiday mood, we also felt the pull of the New Year and all that it entails. Getting back to a  more healthy lifestyle. Less indulging and more self care. Family walks in the afternoon sun. Salads, soups and more fruit. More water to drink ... and so on. It feels good to make these little but important changes. And with that, I am signing off, and heading to bed.

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