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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

on an adventure

My "word" for 2016 was adventure, and while I made a commitment to treat everyday as an adventure, that hasn't exactly been possible. 
There are days where it feels like we are just getting through it. I feel proud that the kids got to school on time, the house wasn't completely trashed, and there is a healthy dinner on the table. Some days, bedtime can't come soon enough. But then there are the days, where from some unknown reserve, Winslow and I find the energy and momentum to go the extra mile and make our day into an adventure. 
I'm not sure if anyone else does this, but I get this strange kind of satisfaction, when I find "hidden gems", nearby to where we live. Maybe it's the "adventure" seeker in me, but I love to discover new spots, but especially if they are right under my nose. 
I remember once hearing about a beach in Ottawa, that was on the Rideau River. It turned out to be very close to my sister and had a cool ice cream boat that you can swim to and buy ice cream. The geek in me was proud for finding this gem, my sister had never heard of it! 
So one night while I was searching for nearby places to explore, I became excited to find out that we had a light house less than 40 minutes from our house. I started to google search it and decided that we would head off to check it out when Winslow had a day off. 
Before leaving, we checked the tide times (low tide is better), packed our snacks, extra mitts and hats and hit the road. Once there, we explored the beach, the waterfall (which will be so much fun in the summer!), and talked to some locals about the area. One woman we talked to got Noah so excited when she mentioned there are legends of pirates having buried treasure nearby! 
Margretsville as it is called will definitely be a place we visit often in the summertime. It had some cute picnic areas, that I know will be a lovely spot to have lunch on a sunny day! 
Oh and while the rest of the family was too tired to check out the light house, I went over with Wesley to see it. It's a sweet smaller working lighthouse, painted white and black. It sheds light out into the Bay of Fundy, and I just loved the weathered, no fuss look to it. A beautiful spot ... so close to us! 



  1. You are so lucky this is your kids' playground!!!

  2. love the black and white of this lighthouse. We have a very similar one here but it's all red


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