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Saturday, October 17, 2015

on slowing down, planning ahead, pregnancy and baby!

The house is quiet, it is raining outside, the kids are fast asleep and Winslow is at work. 

I am listening to music, planning ahead to the next couple of months, editing photos and putting my feet up. It is moments like these, where I feel so at ease, for as much as I am a social girl, I do love my quiet evenings to myself. 
We just returned from a lovely, albeit, whirlwind trip to Ottawa for Thanksgiving. The drive there and back is long, and on the way home, it seemed ever so long. We pulled into our drive at 1 am and collapsed in bed, weary and bleary eyed, totally exhausted. 
The next morning was full speed ahead. School for Noah, a field trip for Katia and a prenatal appointment for me. I'm not sure how we all did it, but it was an early bedtime for all that night, 
And now, after another busy day of Scout volunteering, a birthday party that Noah attended and a photo session for me, I am enjoying the peace and quiet of being home. I am declaring that tomorrow morning we do not have to go anywhere or do anything. I am craving an at home morning of jammies, baking and movies. We need a chance to slow down and be at home. 


I've been catching myself, multiple times a day, thinking ahead to the next few months. I am excited for Halloween (mostly for the kids), but truthfully, my thoughts are skipping ahead to the months of November and December. For me, those two months bring so much joy and magic to our family, and because we'll be having a little babe join us at some point in there, I want to get a head start on my plans for the holidays. 
In November we have some things to look forward to. A visit with my mom (I will be bringing her over) and Katia's 4th birthday (a Mermaid birthday). In December, we have our favourite traditions, such as Advent, the Nutcracker, cutting down a tree and more. In between all that, I want to get our Christmas cards done, make a few gifts, bake treats, get my shopping done and sent in the mail ... oh my! And a baby fits in there somewhere. 


I feel bad for not recording much about my pregnancy with this little one. I think for the first few months, our life was full of so many changes, that my mind was focused on getting us all through our move. When we found out that I was pregnant, we were right in the middle of selling our house in Whitehorse, getting the final word of our transfer, doing a house hunting trip to the East Coast and more. It was easier for me to place my focus on those things, than the pregnancy. It also helped that for the most part, I felt pretty well. 

But now, we are at 30+ weeks and there is no denying that I am very pregnant. My thoughts constantly go to our babe. Who is in there? What will they look like? When will he or she make it's appearance? 

We decided that we would not find out the gender for this baby and I so excited for our big surprise on delivery day! With Noah an Katia, we found out who they were, and that was really special too. I remember planning for them and calling them by name, when they were in me. It was a special way of connecting with them and I wouldn't have had it any other way. But this time, we wanted to experience the surprise of finding out on the big day. I have my feelings that it is a girl, but you never know. 

While we don't have too much to do to get ready for the baby, I do have a few things that I would like to do before he/she comes. A few things I want to do:

~ I need to fill out the baby book that I bought (in Whitehorse!) for the babe. 
~ buy a car seat and find a stroller. 
~ dig out all our gender neutral newborn outfits and find a way to organize them (baby will be sharing a space with Katia .. who doesn't sleep in her room anyways.... yes, it's complicated).
~ find a coming home outfit. I think I want to splurge and get something from here.
~ do some major freezer meal making. So far on my list is: chicken curry, squash lasagna, soups (coconut carrot), meat sauce for spaghetti, and some baking. I hope I can get much of this done in November. 
~ pack a hospital bag. 

And a few details of where we are now in the pregnancy. 

Baby is kicking up a storm (as I type this out). We went to our prenatal appointment this week and heard a loud and strong heart beat, it was of course, a beautiful sound! My sleeping is getting more and more uncomfortable. I find it hard to get into a position that works for us (the baby and I) and just last night, I got up 3 times to go pee! And I swear I didn't drink all that much in the evening. 
I've gained more weight than I care to announce, and really should be more conscious of how much and what I eat ... but sometimes, all I want is treats! I'm trying hard to remind myself that healthy eating is better for both baby and I, so having snacks like cut up veggies, is something I try to do more often.
But you know what? As much as I may seem a little more blaise about this time around, I am really truly relishing these days of pregnancy. No, I don't feel or look amazing, but I am honoured and blessed to be where I am right now. I am experiencing life's truest and most amazing miracle, and I want to remember that.
Chances are very good, that this will be our last addition to the family. So I think it is important to slow down and savour some of this time. Babe will be here, before we know it!


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