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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

hope, a walk and written snapshots

It's 2 days post election time, and I am still riding on a political high. I used to wonder if I was in the minority when it comes to passion about politics. I'm vocal (too vocal for some) about where my political values lie, and I am not afraid to approach a debate about certain topics. But on Monday Oct 19th, Canada blew me away with our election results. I think I am still in shock (in a good way), because after 10 years of crappy voter turn out and sad results, we saw an overwhelming demand for change from the citizens of this country that I love so so much. It was awesome!
Yes, my party won the election, so of course I am happy. I would've been happy with any of the more Center to Left (Green, NDP, Liberal) parties winning, but I am a Liberal at heart and truly do believe and have faith in our new Prime Minister, Justin Pierre Trudeau. His passion for our country, his stance on equality for all Canadians, his ability to reach out and listen, I believe he is genuine and here to help our country.
So with that, I've been walking around on a bit of a high (no pun intended, yes, he plans to legalize marijuana). I have a spring in my step, and a renewed sense of hope for our country. Hope that we will once again embrace diversity of cultures, and not divide Canadians as "us and them". Hope that our government will move towards renewable and inventive ways to produce energy. Hope that arts and culture will once again be valued. Let's see where this government takes us. I'm counting on them to keep those promises.


Out on a walk this morning with Ryder (both kids were at school), I happened upon a most beautiful spot that I had never seen before. I wondered if it was private property, as it looked well maintained. There, I found beautiful tall maples, a pond, little foot bridges. It was such a pretty spot, so I captured a few snaps on my phone.


Written snapshots (taking a "snapshot" in my mind, purposely not picking up a camera).

~ rolling over, very early in the morning, to feel the cozy, warm and soft body of Katia next to me. Her jammies, so soft. Her little hands grasping for me. A moment of stillness (when in the day, she is anything but still).

~ Me, down in the kitchen,  early in the evening, when the kids are tucked in bed, making mini chocolate zucchini muffins for lunchboxes. Stirring, mixing, blending ingredients. Muffins made with love for my family.

~ Changing the sheets on my bed, to soft, brand new, flannel sheets. Perfect for chilly nights. Perfect for cozying up, while we read bed time stories. Inviting me to rest and find refuge.

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