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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

a long lazy weekend

Over the long weekend (Noah had a PD Day), we were treated to such a mix of wonderful things. 
On Friday, we all went out for lunch together as a family (Katia's choice, Boston Pizza), because Noah had the day off from school. In the afternoon, we attended a candle making workshop  at Applewicks in Wolfville, a L'Arche workshop/community for adults with disabilities. The kids and I got to make candles and it was educational as well as a ton of fun. 
On Saturday, I took the kids in the morning to a quick little craft workshop at Michael's. It was nice, because I was able to do some shopping for Katia's birthday, while the kids were occupied with a Halloween craft. 
The afternoon and evening were set aside for a visit with some old and dear art school friends of mine, who I've been wanting to see for a long time. I contacted them a while ago to set up a date to take photos and have a dinner together, and it was such a lovely time. 
The kids played in the leaves and I captured some family photos for both sets of families. After our photos, they all came back to  our house for dinner and drinks. It felt really nice to be able to host friends here in our home, and to have it full of laughter and familiarity. It made our house feel like a home. 
On Sunday, we took the morning easy and stayed in our jammies. It was a much needed morning of rest, but by afternoon, I wanted to go somewhere (Winslow had the day off), so we set off for Peggy's Cove. Not quite as close as I had remembered, it was still a beautiful spot to go visit. The skies were  moody grey and blue tones (my favourite), and we captured some pictures of our visit there. 
We found a nice little cafe to warm up in, and sipped chai lattes and hot chocolate. 
The weekend was full of small beautiful moments, that in whole, made for a beautiful few days. 
It was hard come Monday morning for us all to get going. It was one of those mornings, where you could feel the real let down of having had three days of being relaxed and carefree.
This week we move onto Halloween festivities. I am happy for this holiday to come (now!), so that we can move on to more exciting (in my mind) occasions, such as Katia's 4th mermaid party! 
November and December are fast approaching. I am trying to get myself organized and ready for the rush of it all, by making my lists and ticking off items as I go. 
And while I am ready for Halloween to come and go, I am a wee bit sad to say goodbye to this absolutely beautiful October that we have had. This afternoon, I think we will go for a walk in the woods to admire the beautiful leaves. 
Happy end of October! 


  1. May you never, ever lose this sentimental heart of yours. I love it :)

  2. those faces just scream pure joy at its rawest. I love these photos, the feeling is contagious


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