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Sunday, September 6, 2015

moving on into September

And just like that, this past week, we said goodbye to a long and adventure filled summer.
It was a good one, the Summer of 2015. With swimming lessons, a cross Canada trip, lots of camping, swimming and exploring, we really got a lot out of those 3 amazing months. But now we are ready to slow things down a bit and to find our rhythms and routines once again. We are ready for cooler days, and longer nights. A cozy home, and simple days.
This week, both Noah and Katia started school and it was one of those important milestones that I really felt in my heart.
While he did so well on his first day, as Noah's mama, I could just feel the pressure and emotions that he was having, and I felt strongly for him. This year, Noah is going to a large school of 600 students and he is giving French Immersion a try. That's a lot for a little guy, who up until now has been at a school of 6 children and only went half days. While I know that he is a bright and resilient child, I also have this strong mama urge to want to protect him and keep him safe and small. How can I do that when I let him go, out into the world, without me?
Obviously this will be an ongoing discussion for all of us, but for the time being, we are committed to making this work. A little sidenote, upon pick up on Noah's second day of school, he came over to me and said, "today was the best day of school ever!". That made me feel better.
As for little Miss Katia, she did wonderfully at her morning program. We picked her up and she was non-stop chatting about all the fun things they had done. Playdoh, storytime, snacktime,the playground. I am happy that she is happy, and I know this morning preschool will bring the right amount of balance and activity to her days.
And now it it is the weekend. We have family visiting us, but we will try to find moments of slowing down after our busy week.

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