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Sunday, September 13, 2015

the seasons change

Today was brought to us by the following words: slow, home, cozy, rest, and easy.
It was just what we needed after a busy few weeks of starting school, afterschool programs and soaking up the last of summer. Today we rested and stayed in for most of the day, and it was good.
In the middle of the night, our little Katia woke up several times crying and complaining of not feeling well. She was hot, like burning up hot, and by morning, she wasn't feeling much better. I knew upon waking up, that our plans for a hike in the woods would be out of the question, and instead it would be a homey day, one with naps, cuddles in bed and lots of books, Netflix, soup and rest.
It was nice to have the permission to not have to do anything. Instead, while in between cuddles and naps, Winslow and I slowly tackled little projects on our to do lists. Nothing exciting, but just the things that start to pile up. I wanted to change out some of my more summery looking decorations, and put the Fall ones up. I made two loaves of bread, something that always makes me feel accomplished. I made a big batch of squash soup to have throughout the week, and a crock pot full of beef stroganoff for dinner. I cleaned the counters, went through piles of stuff and simmered a pot of cinnamon sticks, vanilla, oranges and cloves on the stove. And this all took place, while we experienced our first Fall-like day today.
Autumn is just around the corner, and we are all yearning for it. We've been on the lookout for the signs of Fall. The leaves are slowly changing, the pumpkins are on display at the road side fruit stands, and today, I spotted some smoke coming from a chimney. Our new home in the Valley, boasts the promises of pumpkin harvests, apple picking, corn mazes, wagon rides, scarecrow festivals and more. I'm giddy with the anticipation of it all.
Happy start to the season my friends.

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