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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

plenty of peaches for us

Since moving to the Annapolis Valley, we've found there to be no shortage of things do.
From visiting farms, lakes, trails, markets and libraries, I don't think I'll ever have to feel bored, ever again (a feeling I often felt in our isolated community). If anything, I'll probably have to remind myself to slow things down from time to time, and to just be.
The other day, on Winslow's day off. we went to a local fruit orchard to pick some peaches (I'm going to make jam!). This orchard has every imaginable fruit (and veggie too). There were all kinds of apples, pears, plums, peaches, cherries (the season is done), berries, potatoes, carrots, corn and in September and October there will be pumpkins. On top of all the U-pick fruits and veggies, there were all kinds of animals and chickens just walking around the property. It was pure magic if you ask me.
Best part? The owner is a tinge crazy. Upon meeting me, she said I HAD to do one thing before I was allowed to go off and pick the peaches, I had to eat a peach like a pirate and not like a lady, in front of her. Challenge accepted lady!
We're definitely going back in the Fall.


  1. So, how DO pirates eat peaches? Love the light on the picture of the lamb, Jo!

  2. how does one eat a peach like a pirate, do you have to squint one eye, scream ARRRGGGGH, dig in and then wash it down with a mug of rum?


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