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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

these moments

In just weeks, our time here in Beaver Creek, and the Yukon, will be wrapped up into one precious and beautiful package of memories, that I will slip away into my heart.
While talking to a dear friend over the phone the other night, the conversation came up about what I would miss most about our time here. I started to think, and immediately wanted  to slow down and just feel the simplicity of our life here. Simplicity is what I will miss most about here.
The simplicity of going for nature walks, all on our own, just steps from our home.
Being able to walk to the school, the park, the pool, the library, the post office ... all in just a short 5 minute walk.
The time that I have to make food. To make bread, from scratch. To make and can jam in an evening. To make healthy (and creative) dinners from what we have on hand.
This, I think, will be one of the most important lessons that I take from Beaver Creek. To remember not to load ourselves up with commitments, activities and busyness. To slow down and continue our simple way of living.


On our way home from the park the other day, Katia grabbed for Noah's hand and they ran all the way home together like this. It was hard for me to catch up, but when I did, Noah turned to me and told me that by holding Katia's hand, she would keep on walking and wouldn't get so tired.
I have been reflecting lately, on this amazing and strong friendship that these two have together. They are getting older, and in turn, seem to be getting along better than ever. They make up games together, go on adventures, and just basically live their days together, but so closely.
I really believe that our time here in Beaver Creek, has really helped to strengthen their relationship. Neither kids go off for long periods of time apart, or spend much time with anyone else, and while at times I wished desperately for them to have more options, more friends, more activities, so that they could live somewhat more individual lives, I now see that their bond is the way it is because of all this family time that we have had together. It's been a true gift.


Thoughts on this pregnancy:

I am now 15 weeks along and am finally feeling more normal and like myself (although the hormones came out full force this week- sorry hubby).
At the beginning of the pregnancy, I was having terrible headaches and nausea. I would feel dizzy and needed to lie down often through out the day. I am happy to report that I am now feeling much more energetic, and able to do physical activities. I went to aquafit this week and went for multiple walks, which feel so good. I still do get tired, and find that I like to go to bed early and even catch a nap if possible.
This week I've had CRAZY pregnancy dreams, that are so far fetched, yet very realistic and vivid. I always wonder what they mean.
The kids are super excited for this wee babe to come along and so are we, but still, I get very nervous about how something could go wrong, and how devastated we would all be, if God forbid! I know it's not good to think like this, but it's just my honest feelings.
Food cravings: none, but I wasn't able to drink coffee for the first 12 weeks due to the smell- it was way too strong for me and I had a big time aversion to it, now, I am able to have a cup every now and then, which is nice when I am feeling tired in the afternoon.


Today is Canada Day, and we have some very excited little ones on our hands. We are hoping for a short break in the rain (even though the land so desperately needs it), so that we can proceed with our small town parade and bbq :)
*update - the rain held off, and the kids had the parade :)


Thank you so much for all the kind words of congratulations on our special news.
It means so much to us.


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  1. yes that simplicity is a life lesson that you can carry over into the "real world". Just because we have the option to be busy doesn't mean we have to be busy


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