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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

it's official


I suppose it's not really official until you tell the online world your news.
And so, without further adieu, we are excited to announce that we will be welcoming another sweet little soul into our family, late December. Yes, a Christmas baby.
I feel like I've been walking around with my own personal little secret for the past few months, but now that I am at the 14 week mark, I am ready to share the news with everyone else.
It's been a busy, exciting, overwhelming past few months, what with our house sale, house hunting trip, transfer and of course, pregnancy. But we are thrilled and happy to be having a wee babe join our family. We are all filled with excitement and anticipation.
Some fun facts, for anyone taking notes, we have a little reoccurring pattern that seems to happen in our family. Whenever we buy a new house, we also happen to be expecting a baby too (Hamilton, Whitehorse and now Kentville). Also, this baby will be born in Nova Scotia, which means that we have had a baby in each of our 3 posting provinces/territory (Ontario, Yukon and now Nova Scotia).
And so, here we go (once again!). We are truly thankful and blessed for this little one growing in my tummy ... and for anyone wanting to know, we will not be finding out the gender this time.


  1. congratulations!!! what exciting news!

  2. This just renewed all of my excitement! A baby! A baby! Yayyyyy!

  3. Team Green is soooo much fun! And you will rock you 2VBAC! Congrats again mama!

  4. What wonderful news! Hope your pregnancy is easy and uneventful and that your newest addition arrives safe and sound. Congratulations!

  5. Sooo happy for you guys! Congratulations ☆♡☆♡

  6. Roscoe or Rascal will be blue nose.

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