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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

what keeps me going

I have been doing some serious reflection on my life lately. It's been challenging, because at this very moment in my life, I have little control over where we live and who I surround myself with. 
As my good and wise friend Sarah has explained to me, sometimes we need to lean into those difficult moments, to come out on the other side more strong. I know that this is true, and I try to remind myself of this when I am riding those choppy waves 
On those rough days, I have rotating thoughts that run through my head. Things like,  How do I want to handle things that are thrown at me? Who, at the end of the day, do I want to be? How do I stay positive, when faced with negativity? What makes up a friend?  It's a challenge, but I know that I am growing, learning, and changing. 
In my time here in Beaver Creek, I have grown a great deal. It has been hard and isolating at times, feeling so far from friends and support, but I have also had the great gift of learning who my true friends and supports really are. 
The phone calls, the care packages, the surprise cards in the mail, the visitors that we have had here in Beaver Creek. It means so much to me. So much. It is a gift to know that, even though these people are far, we can still be so close in those ways. 
The count down is on. There are good days, hard days and amazing days. There are walks in the woods, there is a cozy home, cuddles on the couch, and precious memories with my little family. 
I am choosing to focus on the good, and trudging on when things are more difficult. 

candle making with my loves 


  1. Beautiful pictures, especially the last one. Amazing.

  2. Focus on the good! :) Yep, always the way to go.


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