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Monday, December 15, 2014

holiday snapshots

This year's Christmas celebrations have a more realistic approach to them. In previous years, I would have high hopes and expectations of how we would celebrate. Some of my ideas (Advent calendars with notes and activities for example), would leave me scrambling at midnight the night before... and then would put pressure on me to do the next day. Why on earth would I add pressure and stress to something that was supposed to be special. 
So this year we are doing all kinds of Christmasy things, but only when and if we want to. 
We're doing our RAKs to people around town and some far away, and our favourite our holiday traditions (movies, books) but it's just with less pressure and expectation.  We're still doing tons of crafts and baking treats to deliver to friends, but just with no timeline and more importantly for this mama, no stress. 
Our Advent calendars this year are these sweet  paper ones. I love the little animal scenes and how simple it is to open a little window each day. We also have our house Advent calendar that I fill right after lunch with a small treat (one mini peanut butter cup, or something like that) for the kids. 

Written Snapshots to remember:

~ Snuggles on the bed with Ryder and the kids. Ryder cuddled right into my lap, as I read bedtime stories aloud. He was listening to every word. 

~ A skating holiday party at the Community Club. All of the children, out on the ice. Some stumbling, some gliding, all of them smiling. 

~ Decorating graham cracker gingerbread houses. Simple, sweet, and so much fun.

~ After the kids were tucked in bed, I pulled out all the Christmas gifts for them and wrapped them up, while watching a not-so-bad made for TV Christmas movie. No stress, no last minute, just some me time.

~ in my pjs all morning long, baking in the kitchen, while the kids are settled at the dining room table, drawing and doing playdoh.

Hoping that your holidays are calm and easy.


  1. I keep returning to the pictures of Katia skating and I just about pee my pants laughing at her face. Ah, what a pickmeup this morning, hilarious!


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