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Thursday, December 4, 2014

twinkle lights, spruce trees, cozy days ... it feels like home

Just a day or two after Katia's birthday, we pulled down the birthday decorations and put up the Christmas ones. I must admit, that this is always an exciting time for me.
I love having Katia's birthday at the end of November, and then the month of December to focus on Christmas.
Just as we did last year, we decided to venture out into the bush to find our perfect Christmas tree. Just behind our home, there is a trail (the fire break) and this year we all went on the snowmobile to find our tree. It was mighty cold out there, especially with the wind at our faces, but it was fun and the kids really enjoyed themselves. Memories.
Our tree is now up, and the lights are up outside.
Tonight as I walked Rder around the block (poor pup just got neutered), I just had to stop and take a picture of our home from the outside. It looked so cozy and welcoming, just as I want it to be.
It's my most favourite time of year. The twinkle lights glow, the days are freezing cold, and home is where we settle ourselves. Cozy and warm.
Merry days to you my friends.
ps. tomorrow is Saint Nicholas Eve!


  1. That snowmobile picture made me laugh - I've never actually seen one up close and that one looks like a beast! Did it hold all 4 of you and a tree? :)

    1. It is a beast! Yes, all 4 of us + a tree pulled behind. We use it like once a year- just for fun. The kids loved it- me, not so much- it's stinky.


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