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Monday, November 24, 2014

life ... moving along

Life has been busy here in our lives and in this little town where we live.
After a few busy months of photo work,  I finally got caught up on all of my Autumn photo sessions and was able to take a nice deep breath. It felt good to not have those looming deadlines over my head. I always feel guilty that I can't get my clients photos out sooner.
Winslow and I have been busy with volunteer commitments at the Community Club here in Beaver Creek. Community lunches, craft nights, flooding the rink, exercise class, Tot Time, Board meetings. This little place sure has a lot going on, and we are busy running most of it (lol!). You know, I really do think that keeping busy  helps me from going crazy, or maybe it's making me crazy. Not sure, but it sure helps to have things to do during those long winter months.
About a week ago we had an amazing show of the Northern Lights here in Beaver Creek. Winslow and I packed the kids up and went out to get some photos of the lights. It was beautiful, breathtaking and majestic. I begged Winslow to pose for a shot with me where we are kissing under the lights.He obliged, and I am so happy with the shot. Cheesy perhaps, but I will always cherish it when we have moved away from this little place that right now we call home.
The kids and I popped into Whitehorse last week for a friend's birthday and to do some shopping. It was fast, crazy, exhausting but a nice break. We were all very excited to see that the city had put up their lights, so we ran over and took a look. I must admit, I am very much looking forward to the holidays this year.
One of my favourite parts of the holidays are the traditions. These are the parts that we have chosen to be deliberate about. To build into our family's story, and I look forward to them so much. The Nutcracker ballet, Saint Nicholas Day, Advent calendars and candle wreaths, doing RAK (random acts of kindness), sending out Christmas cards, crafting and making. I'm excited to share this time with my family, and to watch N+K take in those traditions.
And while I am blessed to be in the position to enjoy the holidays this year, I know that not everyone is. I know people (personally) who are grieving the loss of loved ones (their first Christmas without those special people), and others who are struggling with other types of loss. The holidays are not always easy for everyone, and I want to remain mindful of that.
And finally, a certain little lady of ours will be turning 3 years old this week and we are busy getting things ready for her special day. I'm not sure who is more excited, her or myself? I do love to plan a good birthday, and I just love to watch my kids to have their special day. To be the center of attention, to watch them feel loved. I'm excited!
This year's birthday will have a "Frozen/Fox" theme. She initially wanted a "fox" party (yay! that is fun and trendy!) but then it turned into a "Frozen" party (boo, no points for originality). So I put my thinking cap on, I was thinking, how can I sneak some "Frozen" in there. I decided  that we would settle on doing "Frozen" cupcakes on her real birthday (28th) and then her party could be "Fox" themed. Problem solved.

Sending warm thoughts to those who need it right now.

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