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Tuesday, November 4, 2014


 Looking tired after a long day of activities. I picked him up at the community club and pulled him home on the sled. 

Halloween came and went. The children had so much fun dressing up, getting their face's painted , seeing their friends and of course, eating candy. We all enjoyed dressing up for the school party and watching the kids get so into it.
This year, the Community Club (have I ever mentioned that I am on the board?), hosted a big pizza lunch. One of the mothers and I stayed up till 10pm the night before, making 12 homemade pizzas! It was a great turn out and we really enjoyed seeing everyone come out for it.
Now that Halloween is over with, I am excitedly moving forward and onwards.
I am feeling a sense of calm and readiness for this up coming winter, and I think it has to do with a number of things.
First off, I'd be lying if I didn't say that I am excited for what is to come down the road. We know that this will be our last winter in Beaver Creek, so I feel that I can truly slow down and enjoy it, knowing that we won't have this quiet, simple, if not isolated life, much longer.
Another reason that I am enjoying this season in our lives is that I have found a nice rhythm to our days. Our days often include homeschooling in the morning, a family focused community activity of some sort in the morning, a quiet afternoon. We enjoy winter walks, playing at the park (fully bundled up in snowsuits), doing crafts, and watching movies. It's good to remember the things that I do like about winter. It is a cozy season.
Homeschooling is coming along nicely around here. At the beginning of the year, I sat down and made a running list of units that I would like to cover with Noah and Katia. This helped me when it came time to order our books, and to look for ideas online. We purchased a brand new printer at the beginning of the year, which has been amazing. I love being able to pull things off the web, or make things up myself and have it ready that same day. I've also really enjoyed buying lots of books online for our library. It's been so much fun to be able to go on book binges!
And so there we are. Life is trundling along, winter is here, and we are doing just fine.


  1. How are you incorporating Katia into the homeschooling?

    1. Hi Christina,
      Katia is a pretty focused child. She happily sits at the table with us and does colouring, or playdoh, or painting with watercolours. It seems to work for us :)
      As for the stories, she loves to listen to stories....
      Thanks for asking,

  2. Wow, can't believe you trick or treated in the snow! Guess that is Yukon style. Love your owl book theme.


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