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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

the here and now

We came home from our trip to find winter and snow. I wasn't surprised by it, but still needed to have a pep talk to assure myself that we can do this and that we can get through the coming months, all in one piece. 
Day 3 of being back home and we are still trying to catch our breaths from the busy trip that we just had. It was again one of our crazy trips home, where we try to see and do everything possible in such a short time, but this time around, it went quite smoothly and it was enjoyable because Winslow was there with us. 
Now at home, we are settling into the cold temps (it was -25 this morning) and trying to find a rhythm once again, which can be hard after being away from home for 3 weeks. 
Our days consist of dark chilly mornings and coffee on hand. Healthy food to get us going, smoothies, eggs, peanut butter and toast. Homeschooling is back on again (we took a little break while away), and we are moving forward with new ideas, new found inspiration and enthusiasm. 
Our afternoons are balanced out with Noah going to school and Katia staying home. I've noticed that she is ready for more, and I wish we had a preschool program for her to attend. I have dreams and hopes for next year, when she will be able to join a dance class or music, but for now, I will focus on enjoying our time together. I know that our time together is special. 
Our evenings are quiet and sleep has been coming easily to us all. Maybe we are exhausted from the trip or maybe it's the darkness from winter slowly creeping in. Whatever it may be, I enjoy the quiet slow evenings that seem to wind us down. 
It's not easy coming and going from our life here. I sometimes wonder, where do we really belong and what is next for my little family. The transition from our trips home often leave me missing my family and my people, and asking myself all kinds of life questions. It's easy to feel the pull of our next posting, and in all honesty, it is what get's me through the tougher days in this isolated community, but I know that it is not healthy to live in the past or in the future, it is the present that I need to enjoy and put my energy into. 
So here we are, moving onwards into the winter months, but just to contradict myself,  I will leave off with some of my last photos from PEI and Ottawa. I love looking back on those beautiful Autumn shots. 

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