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Thursday, October 16, 2014

ottawa and pei (heavy in the autumn and pumpkin pictures)

There have been colourful maples and pumpkin pies. There have been walks, coffee dates, shopping trips and visits with friends. There have been crazy road trips, walks on the beach, and rare time spent with my mom. There was even a date night with hubby! 
This trip is going by quickly, but I am getting through my bucket list as best as I can. 
Katia and I both got quite sick for a few days, so that threw a bit of a wrench in our plans, but we are feeling better and are making up for lost time. 
It's been refreshing to do normal people things like meet up with friends, buy fresh produce, or go grab a coffee. To watch the kids spend time with family, to see them experience things that Northern kids don't get to (farms, markets, and an extended Autumn season). It's been special and much needed. 
I am full of thanks at this moment. Thankful for time with my mother. Thankful for time with family. Thankful for cousins playing together. Thankful for time outdoors. Thankful that I can enjoy my most favourite season of the year- Autumn. 
We are back to the Yukon on October 24th. It will be nice to return home, to settle down, to hunker down for the long winter ahead. 



  1. gorgeous, love how you make the most of every place you visit.

  2. So much fun goodness! Glad you are having a wonderful trip. Blokus is our favorite game!


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