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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

ottawa bucket list

There is an excitement brewing in me. This time next week, we will be in Ottawa, all together (Winslow is coming!). It has been over a year since we have all gone to Ottawa together and I am so beyond excited to go. We have lots to do and make up for in our short amount of time while visiting... but it will all be worth it.
Last time I went "home" to Ottawa it was very difficult for a number of reasons. The kids got VERY sick and so did I. We were without transportation for parts of the trip, and Katia was at an age that required A LOT of supervision from me. This time is different, and I am so excited to check some things off my Ottawa Bucket List!
Maybe it's because I haven't left the North in over 7 months, maybe it's because I've been in isolation for a bit too long, maybe it's because I miss my family and friends... maybe it's all of those things.
I am so excited to be home and to do the things that we have missed doing, like oh I don't know... going to a grocery store when I need to?

Ottawa Autumn 2014 Bucket List

~ hold and cuddle our new niece Maya and spend time with Yani!
~ see my sister and Amira and Tariq
~ spend time with Lolo, Lola, and all the Tatis
~ spend time with Grandpa
~ eat at my favourite pizza joint, Louis!
~Thanksgiving in Ottawa
~ rub Roxy's belly that is full of twins!
~ spend time with my best B and see Hanky
~ catch up, play with, sip tea with, be with the Niman clan... oh how I've missed them
~ hike in the Gatineau
~ take Noah and Katia to the pumpkin patch!
~ eat at the Green Door
~ walk on the beach in PEI
~ eat lobster in PEI
~ Thanksgiving in PEI
~ start my Christmas shopping
~ go to some sweet toy shops that I don't to go to regularly
~ go on a date with my husband. A REAL date * not one that I have to come up with and organize

Lots to do, but I'll make sure I get to do it all!

snow in September!


  1. Oh I'm so excited for you! And thanksgiving in Ottawa - so jealous!! When I was back last month I brought 2Kg worth of cheese curds back to Australia with me and made poutine almost every night in a row for a week lol.

  2. This post made me cry? I blame my sentimental heart. Also, I love that Noah travelled in his old man housecoat :)

  3. Oh my gosh - you have snow already! I bet Ryder didn't mind. Love the picture of the little wood carrier.


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