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Thursday, July 17, 2014


We just returned from a lovely long weekend in Atlin, BC, for the Atlin Music Fest. The weekend included great music, art, hanging with friends, seeing old familiar Whitehorse friends  and dancing. It also included not much sleep and loud all night parties next to our tent, but that's okay, it was afterall a music festival. And probably, the best part of all, was that Grampa came from Ottawa and joined us. He is now here in Beaver Creek with us for just under two weeks, and we are all very happy to have him here (especially Noah and Katia).
But since returning home, feel like we are really off of our daily balance and rhythm. The children have been fighting and having multiple temper tantrums everyday. It's been exhausting and just not them. N has been acting out, being rude and making constant fart/bum/poop jokes- ewwww. K has multiple freak outs when she doesn't like what she is wearing. It's been tiring.
To their defense, summer has been hard on our daily routines. Late bed times, long days (with lots of sunlight), unscheduled meal times .... I'm feeling like we need to move back towards some type of "normal". But isn't that for the Fall and Winter seasons? Isn't Summertime supposed to be full of adventure, and outdoor time, and playing hard? I'm confused.
I find myself secretly looking forward to the next few months, seasons and even fast forward to a year from now. In that time, we will be moving onto our next posting, I can't help but daydream about where and what that place will be like.
I'm feeling like my mind is elsewhere these days. Wanting our days and lives to be more peaceful. Wanting our home to be less cluttered and more simplified. Wanting more moments of calm.
Hoping that you are finding peace and balance during this summer season. 


  1. Fun pictures - what great views! Sometimes it seems like we wait all winter for the warmth and fun of summer, but then in summer, it seems to busy with so much going on. I would imagine that feeling is intensified when you live in a cold climate like you do, since the Summer is so short. What you're saying makes sense.


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