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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

happy things

... little boys learning to ride their bikes ... dads who teach their little boys to ride their bike ... a warm breeze, hot sun, the sweet scent of grass,  and recent rainfall ... a walk with just Ryder and myself ... planters bursting with colour ...

... more homemade iced tea (lemon and honey) ... wearing dresses in the summer ... rainy lazy days ... purging of stuff  (at least 8 bags so far this summer!) ... wild strawberry picking ... searching for mushrooms on our walks (aka. fairy and gnome homes) ... Noah saying, "Ryder is my best freind" ...

... a morning made of a walk to the park with snacks at the picnic table ...
summer reading for the kids ... thunder showers ... a games night with neighbours ...
... hot chocolate as a treat after swimming lessons ... naps in the afternoon ...

more simple and happy things

I love how Ryder stretches out his legs like this


  1. I especially love seeing Noah with Ryder. Ah, a boy and his dog. :)

  2. My Corgis do the same thing with their legs! It's like frog legs. It looks like Ryder settled in perfectly with your family. My family used to love playing Yahtzee on vacation - haven't done it in years.


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