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Monday, May 5, 2014

the path of heart shaped rocks

the rocks we've found on the path

When I was a little girl and we would be visiting the beach, my mother would always send me out on a mission to find a heart shaped rock. She had a "collection", she said... although I never did see that collection of hers. None the less, I was always on the lookout for heart shaped rocks and to this day, I still am.
One summer, while visiting PEI, I told my husband that for my 30th birthday, I would like him to find me a heart shaped rock. The poor guy was under a lot of pressure! Not only was I turning 30, but I was very pregnant with baby number 2, so I think he felt that he had to come up with something.
Well I'm not sure how he did it, but in my birthday card that year, I received the most perfect and tiny heart shaped rock, and I still have it in a frame. Sigh. I love my husband.
Fast forward a few years, and here we are in Beaver Creek.
Last Fall, as I would walk Noah to school along the path that leads our part of town to the main part of town, I would often scour the ground for heart shaped rocks. Oddly enough, I remember finding 2 in one day and took some pictures of them. I was so excited to find these little beauties, and took it as a sign that I would find a way to love this new little town of ours.
Now that the snow has melted (yay!), we have been once again really enjoying our walks to school. Instead of walking the long, somewhat boring snowy path to school, we are now stopping along the way to find interesting plants, buds and yes, more heart shaped rocks.
Just this week, as we walked to and from school and the park (many many times), the kids and I were thrilled to find tons of these little treasures, so we decided to call the path, the path of heart shaped rocks. Noah and Katia have even stopped me as I walk ahead, saying, "mom, stop, wait! I found one!" I'm not too sure how else to explain this phenomenon, but it is magical to us. And when I am having a difficult day, worrying or something, I try to remind myself that there is love all around, and to try and show myself a little love too.

a few from my collection 


  1. This post makes me think of the Nirvana song Heart Shaped Box, only I replace the word box with Rocks.

  2. Such a lovely story. Love that the kids are on board this mission too!

  3. Beautiful post. It made me happy to read. I hope to find a heart shaped rock someday :)


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