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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

where she is happiest...

Where she is happiest, is close to the ground. Looking for berries, heart shaped rocks, or discovering some treasure. 
She takes her time. There is no rush. Her heart tells her where to go and what to see. I dare not tell her to hurry up. She is in her element. 
She wanders down the path, stopping to pick Labrador Tea. At two and a half, she knows these native plants. Cranberries, Rose hips, Labrador Tea, Soapberries. She was born here, my little Northern girl. So at peace and comfortable. 


  1. What a nice post for Katia to read when she gets older. She will know she is loved.

  2. Just adorable - beautiful pictures! Isn't it just amazing how they can entertain themselves with the simplest things?


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