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Thursday, April 17, 2014

welcoming committee

To come home after being away for 5 weeks can only be described as feeling so good.
My own bed, my house, my surroundings. All comforting and familiar. And then the most comforting of all, was to be with Winslow once again. After being apart for 5 weeks, both the kids and I, decided that we missed him so much and would never be apart from him again for that long. It feels so good to be home.
Spring is slowly making it's way to our neck of the woods and we are welcoming it with open arms. Long sunny days, snow melting and drip drip dripping, small patches of grass, peeking their way through the snow. The return of birds. Chirping away, busy I'm sure, making their nests. Spring is creeping in, and we are so very happy to welcome it back.
Spring has also set up shop here in our home and lives. As soon as I got home, and before I could even fully unpack my 4 huge bags from the trip, I went about collecting my Spring/Easter decorations and began to beautify our home. Up went the paper bunny garland, the decorative nests and cute little bunny figures that I've been collecting. Also, I treated myself to a lovely white forsythia when we were in Whitehorse, and it smells so delicious. I breath in it's heavenly scent, every time I pass by where it is placed, in our little Easter display.
Yesterday, wanting to do a Spring craft with the kids, I decided to bring all the materials to our community playgroup  so that we could make some cute bird's nests. The kids loved making them, and as always, I was so pleased to see the little ones sitting down and concentrating on their art work. This Spring thing is infectious and I just feel alive with it's return!
A few more Spring activities on the calendar this week ...
~ to start our seedlings. I let Noah and Katia each choose a vegetable to grow this summer. We'll see how we do and I'm sure I'll be paying an arm and a leg to get these things going, but I want them to see and experience how food is grown.
~ make some Easter sugar cookies to decorate (and eat of course!)
~ to attempt homemade hot cross buns
~ and to take a nature walk into the woods and look for pussywillows
I'm hoping that Spring is warming things up in your neck of the woods. Until next time.


  1. So cute! I always love your Johanna display scenes each season.

  2. What lovely Easter/Spring displays Johanna. Love the little wooden figurines - they look like the ones that MamaRoots makes on Etsy. I bet your husband is happy to have the sound of kids back in the house (and you home too)!


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