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Monday, March 3, 2014

aloha is a way of life

We are back home after an amazing vacation in Maui, Hawaii. Our time there was truly magical, relaxing and amazing, I actually cried twice on our last day there, just thinking about leaving.
I'm not too sure how to recap our whole trip into one blog post, so I have decided to write about it in 4 parts. This first post will be about the little happy things that are not really related to one another, but that are worth noting. The others posts will be about more specific experiences that really had an effect on me.
On our trip, I made a real conscious effort to unplug from the computer as much as possible. It just so happens that I am reading Hands Free Mama at the moment, and it really made me realize how much I want to let go of distractions such as Facebook. 
Almost every morning, I would take a nice long solo stroll on the beach (journal in hand), and would find a spot to write out a simple gratitude list. It was my way of trying to remember all the little details of trip. It was a lovely way to start out each day.
I think one of the most special things about our time in Maui,  was our attitudes towards the trip. We all needed this vacation, in so many ways. The children needed the outdoor time, where they could play for hours on end, and not have to worry about getting cold. I loved to watch them play and run outside, at the beach, park or even on the sidewalks in the little towns. 
For me, I really appreciated every little thing about our trip. The scenery, the beautiful hibiscus flowers everywhere, the green mountains-so lush, the blue was so lovely to be outside all of the time. I pretty much had a permanent smile plastered across my face.
I made a little happy list, of all the things we saw, did, and experienced.

Here is goes. 

Happiness in Hawaii

~ morning walks on the beach
~ the music. We listened to the local radio station, that played traditional Hawaiian music everyday. it was so happy and aloha!
~ the Old Lahaina Luau. A traditional feast, entertainment (stories, dancing, drumming, music) and an open bar ;)
~ fresh fruit, especially the pineapple. Oh yum
~ food at funky restaurants. We loved this wood burning oven pizza joint. They had a pulled pork, pineapple, BBQ pizza. Most of the ingredients we local and organic and sooooo delicious. 
~ sweet little tan lines on my kiddos. They have such gorgeous golden skin when they tan.
~ drink time with hubby. Each afternoon just before dinner, we each enjoyed a drink or two together. Not a big deal, but it was all part of the bigger plan to relax. 
~ the beautiful hibiscus flowers everywhere. Pale pink, fushia, orange and red. 
~ strolling the streets of little towns (Paia and Lahaina) and window shopping. For this girl who doesn't get to did this often, it was a real treat.

And that is it for my list. My next post will about the experience of whale watching (right from shore!), watching the sunset (an event that people take seriously), and seeing turtles. 
I have many pictures to share from our trip to Maui, again, I just couldn't believe how beautiful it is there. 
As I mentioned before, I actually cried on our last day there. I was at the grocery store, picking something up and the lady in front of me was talking about "home", which was Calgary for her. I started to tell her where we are from and that it was our last day there. I then said, Im not sure I can talk much more about this, or I will cry. And then I did. Tears poring down my face, because Maui made such an impact on us. It was where we were able to unwind, relax, explore, be adventurous, something that doesn't happen too often. As they say in Hawaii, Aloha is a way of life.


  1. i am so glad you enjoyed your well deserved trip. you all look so happy. i love maui. it is the perfect place to relax!

  2. Wow, Johanna. This post really hit home with me. The photos are incredible. How on earth did you ever capture that last photo of the four of you walking into the sunset?? That needs to be blown up into a huge canvas and hung in your living room. It's BREATHTAKING. I totally understand how you felt in Hawaii. I feel the same way when I am near the ocean. I can't wait to see your next posts about this trip. I am so very jealous. The Luau looked like so much fun!

  3. I guess there's no RCMP detachment in Maui is there? See you soon.

  4. You guys are back already?! I have been wondering if you were still out there. Your post almost brought ME to tears! For the past three years, my husband and I have gone to St. John in the Virgin Islands during this time of Winter. They were three of the best times of our life - it just feels SO good to be there. We just absolutely love it. This year, with me not working, it just wasn't in the cards. I have been loving winter and not wishing that I was anywhere else until the past two weeks. Its like my body just knows where it is supposed to be now - and it isn't in Pennsylvania still wearing boots and hats! We've also been to Hawaii and I know how magical it is. Looking forward to your next couple of posts to get me through the last couple weeks of winter! Love the aquarium pictures!

    1. Awwww Katie, thank you for this. Getting away in the winter is such a lovely luxury, not something that can happen for everyone. Part of our isolated living allows us for 1 trip out a year ( the government actually give us an allowance to go) which is so so so nice.
      Our trip was such a breath of fresh air for us.

  5. hi johanna and welcome back from your wonderful vacation! i'm elaine over from All Sorts of Adorable. i've been following your blog since i found it in december and love love love your posts. i haven't really been commenting as i have not had a chance to blog these last few months and am just slowly coming back to it. your photos are absolutely wonderful and have always loved reading your thoughts and enjoy your view on living a quiet life in a small (or should i say super small!) town. you'll most likely be seeing me comment more these days! :)

    1. HI Elaine, it's lovely to hear from you, thank you for saying hi. I'll make sure I pop over to your blog and say hi. I hope I get to know you through your stories. xox


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