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Saturday, February 15, 2014

i'm outta here!

Noah made and wrapped up a valentine card for Katia. He was so proud to give it to her. 

Katia with her special card from her big brother. THIS makes it all worth while. 

The valentines for Noah to give to classmates were made (I was too busy to take a picture- but they looked like these). The breakfast table was set with little tin mailboxes, cards and few surprises. A picnic breakfast of strawberry pancakes and bacon was enjoyed. Cupcakes were made and decorate to take to the school. Valentines was nice and most importantly, our little family showered each other with with love.
When Noah was a baby, I would get caught up with all the excitement and hype of making holidays perfect. I wanted things to look pretty and have a certain aesthetic and style. Oh how I laugh at those ideas now. What I really didn't let on to, was that I was slowly driving myself crazy with the pressure to have it all "perfect". Noah at age 18 months didn't care that the house was decorated and perfectly clean and in the end, I would always end up feeling a little defeated by the end of whatever holiday we were having.
Nowadays, I tackle the holidays a little more sanely. Yes I do like to decorate or do a seasonal craft with the kids, but the difference now is that I don't overdo it to the point where I am exhausted by it all. Some holidays I scale back a bit, while other holidays I spend more attention. I like to make it enjoyable, so sometimes that means we go all out, and other times it's a more subtle nod towards whatever day we may be celebrating.
This year's holiday came with a few little quirks.
- handmade paper flowers because we are leaving in a few days and they would be wasted
- 30$ worth of caesar salad from the town restaurant. We had NO fresh produce left (I mean none) and I was getting very grumpy/desperate about it, so we splurged and got two salads from the restaurant to go along with our steak. The things we do in the North. Someday I know I will want to remember this.
-we watched "Daddy Daycare", at the kid's request (soooooo romantic), and then Winslow was called out. Of course. Because he NEVER gets called out, and the one night he does get a call, it's on Valentine's Day.
And now for the exciting part. The part where I am not going to hold back or restrain myself from gloating and boasting, about our dream come true trip that is about to happen. Because you know what? We've earned this damn trip.
After months of dark, cold, isolated days where I really had to work to keep my spirits up, I can announce that we are about to embark on a 10 day trip to Maui! To say that we are excited would be an understatement. There are things that I will never take for granted again, after living in an isolated Northern town. Like fresh produce for one. Since our closest grocery store is 2.5 hrs away, there have been times where we simply go with out anything fresh in our home for a week. As a former vegetarian and still a general healthy eater, to go without fresh produce for a week can actually make me a little bit crazy. In Hawaii, I plan on consuming my fair share of fresh local fruit and smoothies/juices as much as my tummy will allow. And I will savour every second of it.
The sun. Oh the sun. I can't tell you how excited I am to feel the warm sun on my pale deprived skin. I know I'll have to be careful not to over do it, but I am so looking forward to soaking in my fair share of vitamin D (no D drops for a whole 10 days!).
So as I sign off and finish my packing, I will say farewell for the next two weeks. I plan on pretty much unplugging while we are on our trip, so blogging and social media will be taking a back seat, while we trade it for the sun, beach, pool, park or wherever else our hearts take us.

ps. We had a little visitor come by this week, baby Rayne. Oh she is so sweet (and so are her parents). Katia was especially sweet with her. Giving her toys.


  1. have a wonderful trip! eat lots of pineapple in the sun!!!

  2. Your cupcakes look great - packed full of love! Have an awesome time in Maui and don't touch a computer! Soak up the sun, salty water, and a couple fruity drinks.

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