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Monday, November 11, 2013

photo worthy moments

While I may have no control over the things that happen outside my home, lately I have been counting my blessings and have felt content to hunker down with my little family, safe inside our home.
Winter is here, whether we have had solstice or not. The days have been warming up to -10 and when the sun is at it's highest, I try to get outside for a walk with the children. It makes me so happy to watch them play in the snow and to take it in. I enjoyed watching Katia lay down in the snow and stare up at the sky, and loved seeing Noah roll around in the snow. Such a simple thing, but this is what childhood memories are made of.
After a lovely walk or play in the snow, we often come in for a cup of hot chocolate to warm ourselves up. This week I brought out two new special mugs that I splurged on for the kids. Definitely a photo worthy moment.
Other moments that were photo worthy, art time. I love the transition the winter brings to our daily rhythm. The arts and crafts have begun in our home, and I know it's going to be something that I turn to often when looking for an activity for the kids. With the giving season just around the corner, I always like to have a craft or two up my sleeve that I or the kids can make and give. Also, lately I've spent a bit of time at my sewing machine, working away on little gifts to give at Christmas and for birthdays.
Some happy little things from the past few days ... receiving a letter from a far away friend- such a sweet little surprise in the mail :) , getting a start on my Christmas baking, and listening to this station on Songza. I'm not sure if I have officially entered "old mama" status, but this music I find is so relaxing and just the right amount of Christmas for me. Gentle, not obnoxious, and perfect while sipping a cup of tea.
That is all for now.
Hope you are well dear friends.

 Noah painted, while I sewed. Katia was asleep. I enjoyed our crafty time just him and I


  1. Such sweet home life moments! That kiddy-painted paper would make great wrapping paper for xmas gifts!
    I love sending you letters...I love thinking of you, so far away, getting them in your p.o. box. :-)
    xoxoxo lots of love to you dear friend!

  2. playing in the snow is one of my fondest memories from childhood. we got our first snow overnight.

  3. Those mugs are so cute! Where did you get them?

    1. Christina- I ordered them from Belle and Boo. Just google them. They are from the UK.

  4. I love getting to see your art on the walls again!! it's den too long to have them in storage. :)

  5. Thanks for recommending the solo piano Christmas station on songza. Love it!


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