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Thursday, November 14, 2013

simple things

 Simple things to be thankful for ...

:: rocking my near two year old to sleep, just as I did when she was a wee little babe. It's hard to believe that she is so big now, so grown, so independent. But when she falls into my arms, and cuddles in close to me, I savour it. It's gone by far too quick.

:: the beautiful late afternoon sun, just as it starts to set. So warm and golden on the blank white snow. I get excited by it and take pictures.

:: baking. Does anyone else find it therapeutic? I made a beautiful batch of meringues tonight for a school event this week. In true nerdy fashion, I piped the meringues into little rosettes. It made me happy.

:: "good night moooon", says Katia as she runs to the window looking for her friend, the moon. I remember loving the moon as a little one too. I still do.

:: having this delicious and oh so easy soup for lunch.

:: snow, snow, and more snow. I am excited to embrace the snow.

:: watching and listening to this video. Yes, I've seen it before, but each time it makes me cry. It's so moving to think of all that Chris Hadfield has accomplished in his life. Inspiring, touching and brilliant. And to top it off,  Emm Gryner, my all time favourite singer/artist helped arrange the music. She plays the piano in it too.

It's the little things, right?

this lil babe was not so happy to be in the snow storm

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  1. If we had snow already, I would cry. I love the way you are enjoying it though.


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