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Monday, November 4, 2013

a winter walk

 A mid afternoon winter walk today, helped me to clear out the clutter in my mind and for me to see things more clearly. I am a firm believer that we have the ability to control whether or not we let things get to us, it takes work to come to that realization and I don't always have the self confidence within to stand up for myself, but I am working on it and it feels good to give certain situations the perspective that they need.
Today the world was crystalized, everything shimmered and glistened in the late afternoon light. Winter is here now, and I am finally accepting it, and  more importantly, embracing it. This time of year is beautiful here. It is such a cold and dry place that the everything just appears to be frozen. The only sign of life (other than my own foot prints in the snow) are moose tracks or rabbit tracks in the snow. The colours are so subdued compared to a month ago. The only colours to be found now, are the small scattering of dried up rose hips and the bright blue of the sky. It is so refreshing and invigorating.
My good friend Sarah taught me about the healing powers of walking in the woods. When surrounded by nothing but nature and quiet, the little things that might be eating away at me seem to disappear, and I come home feeling renewed. While it is lovely to walk in the woods, it can also be a bit lonely- but in a good way. The kind of way, where I'm are forced to confront the real feelings I have, no distractions.
While the temperatures continue to drop here in the Yukon (we had -20 yesterday morning), I will do my best to bundle up and get out for walks when the light is at it's highest. Because it really does help me, in so many ways.

candles every night now, until the return of Spring


  1. Aw, I am so glad you have found the magic of winter walks. I will happily resume mine in new places this week. I really, REALLY miss you.

  2. Gorgeous photos Johanna!
    I think of you so often, always wondering how you are.

  3. Seeing your photos makes me miss the Yukon right now. I cannot wait to get back home!


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