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Friday, November 1, 2013

happy little things

I'm feeling grateful and sentimental. The other day, as I walked home from Noah's school (while pushing Katia in the stroller) I took count of all the things for which I count myself blessed with.
As I was walking along the quiet path (which only I seem to ever use) between my house and the school, I began a little running list in my mind. It went a little something like this...
I'm thankful for walking. For feeling the chilly cold air on my cheeks and breathing the fresh Yukon air into my lungs. I am thankful for this little community, in which we feel welcomed into. For teachers and parents and volunteers who work so hard to make this place a safe, nurturing, positive environment for everyone. For children that are excited for Halloween. For having sweet moments with Katia, where we can be together just her and I. For the way she says "squirrel"... she actually says "circle".
For how good and sweet Noah is. I am so blessed to have a boy like him. For time with my family. To do the most simple of things, like a walk after school/work.  We have very little in the ways of distractions here. There is no, "I need to run out to the store", or any of that. We eat our meals together and spend our free time together. What an incredible blessing and gift we have.
We just finished up a very fun and busy Halloween celebration (week?) here in Beaver Creek. I prepared a treat one day and took it in to Noah's school, and then last night we did some trick-or-treating and a very fun party at the school. Our teacher really went all out (gifts for the children!).
The kids got WAY too much candy and when we got home fell fast asleep. I immediately ran around the house tearing down everything and anything that could resemble Autumn or Halloween decor. I was just waiting for that moment ;) But before the Christmas decorations come out, we have Remembrance Day to honour and then Katia's 2nd birthday to celebrate. And I don't want to rush Christmas along. I really want to savour it and not be tired of it before it even starts.
Growing up, Christmas was about the traditions and gifts that were given, but as I have become a grown up, the holidays have become so much more than just that. To me, the holidays have become about slowing down and taking the time to enjoy friends and family. To make gifts, make my home comforting and inviting, and to remember old stories. It has become about finding joy. Celebrating the most simple of moments, like taking a quiet snowy walk. For me this year, I am very much looking forward to our quiet and simple Christmas season. I'm looking forward to the magic of the season and will let it slowly unfold for us (as opposed to letting it look like a Christmas bomb went off in my house).
A few pictures from Halloween.


  1. You make such a cute (and wholesome!) wonder woman!

    1. hahahaha! that was the idea. No Wonder Woman hot pants for me! Although W. would've liked it!

  2. what a wonderful celebration. what wonderful memories for your kids!

  3. A family of super heroes! I love it.


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