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Friday, August 16, 2013



Playing catch up here for a bit. I am trying a new way of posting photos onto my blog, so it may look strange at times until I figure it out. Also, sometime this fall I am hoping to do a bit of a makeover to my blog, so it may take a bit of time.
Last Friday night we had a few friends and our family over for one last visit. A chance to say goodbye.
I'm not sure why I plan these things right for the last minute, but no matter how stressful it is to get it all done, it is always nice to end things with a party. A proper goodbye.
I miss my family and friends a lot right now. It's hard being so far from them. Plain and simple.
For now skype, emails and phone calls will have to do. Oh and mail. I am hoping to get better at that.
A few pictures from our last night in Ottawa.

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