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Saturday, August 17, 2013

the party!

 It's no secret that I like a good birthday party. In previous years, I went a little bit crazy with the details and plans for my kiddos' birthdays, but this year I toned it down a a notch and we were still all happy with the results. I'm liking the less is more approach these days I have to say. Not that there was anything "less than" about Noah's party this year, it's just it was a little less stressful (for me) in the planning department, and in turn, I got to enjoy it more. 
Noah let us know well in advance that he wanted an Avenger's party. What he really meant was that he wanted paper cups, plates and napkins with the Avenger's theme, the rest thankfully, I don't think mattered too much to him. So while in Ottawa, I stocked up on his paper plates, napkins ect and I got to work on the one diy element of the party, his loot bag favours, which were "Be Your Own Super Hero" mask kits. I also ordered a giant cardboard pop up Hulk from this site, which looked really cool at the party.
On his day, we set up a bouncy castle that we bought to have in our basement (for the long winters in Beaver Creek), a face painting station and a few games. For the games we did "Pin the Power on Ironman", pass the parcel and a scavenger hunt at the end to find their loot bags. We had a big picnic blanket for the food and served home made pizza, juice boxes and plenty of fresh cold fruit. For the cake, of course, it had to be Hulk. Honestly, it was the ugliest cake I have ever made, but I know Noah loved it. All in all, it was a fun, simple and easy party and I think the kids really enjoyed it. 
There are two days now until Noah's actual birthday and for that we will have a family dinner, where we will invite a few of our new Beaver Creek friends over. 
I love birthdays at this age. All I want for my children to feel is that it is their special day and that they feel loved and celebrated. 

the sign of a good party  

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  1. You are such an awesome mom!!
    Such an inspiration. I just love getting to know you and your sweet family through your blog.
    I am going to reply to your email asap. xoxoxo


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