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Thursday, August 15, 2013

santa's village


Nestled in New Hampshire's White Mountains, is a family owned amusement park that has been open since 1953. As a little girl, we would make a stop at this park while on our way to Canada's East Coast (New Brunswick and PEI) in the summer. I always looked forward to it and have such fond memories of it there. The park has a mixture of rides (trains, ferris wheel, roller coasters) and little spots to visit (Santa's house, a black smith where you recieve a ring, ginger bread decorating). If you are at all a Christmas nut, you'd definitely love this place. It's sweet and magical and not at all commercial.
A few years ago when I was pregnant with Katia, we took Noah to Santa's Village and it was so magical for me to watch Noah experience this place. So you can understand how thrilled I was when hubby agreed that we should go this time while we were down South. It was so fun to watch the both of them run around with excitement and take it all in!
Just a few pictures of our visit there.

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