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Thursday, July 4, 2013

tomorrow will be better

 Katia's latest dance move... she is quite serious about it

when all else fails, break out the homemade popsicles 

Today was a bit of a rough day. One of those days where I was kind of ashamed of the way I handled myself with my kids. As I sit here at the end of a long day that was filled with attitude, bossiness, fighting, crying... you name it, I grasp for any kind of strategies that I may be able to apply to our day tomorrow. I am almost fearful that tomorrow may bring the same as it did today. I hope not.
It happens to every parent. Those days where you resort to yelling, nagging, empty threats, time outs and what ever other tactics you desperately pull out of your sleeve at that moment. I am not proud to say that I used each of the above listed tactics today, and none of them worked.
Were the kids over tired? Were they over heated? (from the actual heat I mean). Are they out of their element, missing their dad, tired of not being in their own home? I feel like all of those answers could very well apply to me too.
Today I couldn't find my inner peace. Today I felt lost and tired and wishing that I could be in my own home, with my husband near by and where my kids would just get along. Today I was hot and everything seemed too loud for me. I just wanted some quiet.
Tonight after I finally had my two little ones settled down for the night, I heard some crying. I went upstairs to find Noah having a bad dream. This was a real first for me. Usually Noah wakes up and calls for me, but in this case, I couldn't help him out of his bad dream. I just had to sit there and rub his back. It made me realize that for ever reason, he is having hard day and I just wanted to scoop him up and help him.
Tomorrow is a new day and I am going to look for moments of gratitude and try to be more patient with my little ones (and myself).

sometimes we need to not take everything so serious, you know? 

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  1. Johanna, you are a phenomenal, connected and incredibly loving mother. There just has to be days like this to balance out those amazing ones. But don't use these rough days to doubt yourself, OK? Because your kids know and feel how much you love them, (and totally wont remember anything tomorrow!)


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