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Monday, July 15, 2013

summer days

We are back at Lolo and Lola's house after a week of gallivanting all over the place and it feels good to be resting ourselves.
 Our first adventure took us up to Gracefield, an old camp that I used to attend as a little girl (with our church and as a camper). I went up with my best friend Amy, her son Henri, her friend Catherine, my mom, and the kids. As we drove up that old familiar road, so many wonderful memories began to flood in for me. It felt an instant feeling of peace as I laid eyes on the old cottage (Beaver Lodge) and the lake (Lac Castor). I was overjoyed to watch Noah spring from the car and immediately run off and explore the place, just as I had done when I was his age. 25 years later I was back at the same place that Amy and I had experienced together. It felt full circle for me and I was so happy to share this place with my two little people.
Our second adventure took us to Lindsay ON and then to Kawartha Lakes area for a 3 day visit withmy grandmother, aunt, mom, sisters, niece and nephews. It was a little family reunion set at a resort just South of Algonquin Park. The location was beautiful, but really, it was all about spending time together and seeing the cousins  play together. It's rare that we are all together under one roof, but this was more than just being at the same place, this was really special. Pyjama parties in hotel rooms, wine for the mommies, breakfast lunch and dinner in restaurants (no cooking for us!), swimming in the lake, water gun fights, coffee in the hotel rooms. It was a really good chance for us all to reconnect and I am so glad that we all made the effort to do the trip.
And finally, to top it all off, last night my sister Katie and I were able to cross something off of our bucket lists, when we got to see the legendary BB King preform live at the Ottawa Blues Fest. At 87 years old, BB King still tours around with an amazing band to fill in for him when he needs a break. He preformed some of his most favourite songs and jammed out with his band too.
What struck me about him was how sweet and genuine he seemed. I loved how he had the entire audience captivated (definitely thousands), and I loved how even though he needed to sit the entire time, he could still shake his booty in his seat (his words). I am so so so happy to say that I saw him. He was charming and that's not an easy thing to say now a days. Makes me want to tour the Mississippi some day.
And now we are back home. Tired and resting. I am looking forward to a quiet day, maybe a trip to the park will be in order, maybe not. We won't be going anywhere far, that's for sure.
Hope you are having lovely summer adventures.
ps. today was a hot one so we ended up having some water fights. Tati got soaked by Noah!

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  1. Oh! That photo of the canoe is just so quintessentially Canadian! I love it.

    Glad you're having such a good time in Ontario. Don't forget to send me your new address when you're back in the Yukon so I can write to you over the long winter :)

    Erin xo


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