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Thursday, July 18, 2013

katia :: 20 months old

Favourite things: mac and cheese, dancing, doggies, Goodnight Gorilla, wearing Noah's shoes, saying "I'm funny!", the ipad, playing with water (in the sink, at a lake, in the pool).
Dislikes: having things done for her, washing/brushing...basically anything to do with being clean.

Oh my dearest girl, where oh where do I begin?
Your personality has really come through in the last few months and I feel like I finally really know the real you. Of course I've known you all along, but it feels like it is just now that I am really getting a glimpse into your personality. You are no longer a baby anymore. Of course you are still MY baby and will be always, but now I am seeing who you are as a little girl and despite the fact that you keep me on my toes for the better part of the day, I have to say that I really do like this mischievous and funny little personality of yours.
A few things that stick out to me are your sense of humour, your funny quirky little facial expressions and the fact that you really are quite good at communicating.
Right now, one of your favourite sayings is "I'm funny", to which I would say, I have to agree. Whether you are rolling your eyes, making a funny face or noise (on purpose), you really do know how to make those around you laugh.
You are a very independent girl and like to do things for yourself. You won't have anything with people trying to spoon feed you, you prefer to make a big mess and do it yourself. Lately you've taken to dressing your self. You can't quite get your arms through the arm holes, so often  you walk around with multiple t-shirts around your neck (like a scarf) or around your waist (like a skirt). It's pretty cute to see.
These days your vocabulary and understanding of words really astounds me. Today Noah was talking about a particular item (Qtips) in the bathroom and you ran and got it for him just because you were listening in on our conversation. You repeat and understand new words daily and it always amazes me to see that you actually comprehend all of the conversations taking place around you. I try my best to talk to you all the time and explain things for you (especially when you are frustrated about something) because I know that you really do understand.
And one last thing that I love about you is your appetite. Really, I really love to watch you eat because you enjoy it so much and it reminds me that I should slow down and enjoy what I eat too.
Katia, you continue to teach me a lot about life. You are a busy girl and like I said, you keep me on my toes. I love how independent you are and that you are not afraid to try things by yourself. You are a social butterfly who says hi to people when you pass them on the street. One thing that I really cherish about our days together is the fact that we still sleep together. I know that co-sleeping is not for many people, but for me, I love the fact that I get to feel your little body next to me and that I get to see your beautiful sleeping face everyday.
I love you my sweet angel. Thank you for making my dreams come true.
ps. Noah's update will come next 

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  1. Beautiful blog Johanna! Your babies are gorgeous and you take amazing pictures. Love it :)


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