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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Little bits of magic mixed in with the every day.

It is that hot sticky kind of summer here in Ottawa. When we first arrived off the plane and stepped outdoors, I was overwhelmed with the humidity... so thick. It was a bit of an environment and culture shock to come here after being away for one whole year. In Whitehorse I can take a 3 minute walk down my street and be immersed in nature, not a person, building or car in site. Here in Ottawa, it feels like I drive and drive and drive and am surrounded by buildings and strip malls and housing developments. Can you tell which one I prefer? I do believe that I have become a country/small town/nature loving wouldn't have heard that from me 3 years ago. I just find so much peace and quiet and much needed solace in the Yukon. It is not loud, it is not busy, it is not overwhelming. Just simple and basic.
But I am here, and it would be a waste not to enjoy some of what the city has to offer in the summer... like Dairy Queen, and plenty of great city parks, and cultural events like the Musical Ride and seeing fireflies (something I haven't seen in years).
My past few days have been all about letting the kids experience an Ottawa summer. So trips to the splash pad, wading pools in the backyard, homemade popsicles and ice cream have been on the daily agenda. I am finding ways to make our days special and am enjoying watching the kids feel so close and connected to their family here. One day we went to the aviation museum with Grandpa to see the Star Wars exhibit (pretty cool I must say). Another day we went out to see my sister and her kids, it was so sweet to hear the cousins all playing together. And then, just yesterday as I took a nap with Katia, I heard Noah with his Great Grandmother (Lola) laughing away in the kitchen. When I came downstairs, I found them at the kitchen table, where Lola was helping Noah do his playdoh. I made sure to tuck that memory away in my heart for safe keeping.
Many more memories to come I'm sure, and I will be sure to post them here.
Happy summer dear friends!

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  1. Noah and his great-Lola-- that would be so precious to see!


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