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Monday, May 6, 2013

the weekend ...

the weekend...

:: we finally had beautiful warm Spring weather. much deserved, I'd say.
:: had our first meal outside on the back deck. it was lovely.
:: visited with new and old friends
:: had many walks around the block, trips to the park, visits with the neighbourhood cats.
:: enjoyed watching the snow melt.
:: picked up a free bouquet of pussy willows at an art show.
:: Noah had a terrible fall and scratch on his tummy :( at the art show.
:: Katia pointed to many "beeboos" (birds) in the sky.
:: did some Spring cleaning.
:: had the windows open for some time.
:: family movie night.
:: had a photo session with a charming couple who were celebrating their 60th anniversary.
:: enjoyed our first real bbq of the season (burgers, beer, potato salad!)

It feels great to have the warmth back. It's amazing how much my mood has improved. We are in the midst of figuring out our plans for the summer and our upcoming move to Beaver Creek. I'm a hots of different feelings. Nervous, excited, ready to go, distant. I remember feeling this way when we first moved here to Whitehorse.
Happy Springy days!

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  1. I love those globes.

    So glad you've finally got some good weather to lift you out of those neverending winter blues!


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