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Sunday, April 28, 2013

the little things

 Katia with her favourite toy, her owl.

 dancing fun 

 nice moves!

I'm feeling in the mood for a little love. You know, where you count your blessings and the things that you love. Somedays, when things seem tough, when the noise is too much and my patience is wearing thin, counting my blessings becomes my saving grace. It's what allows me to carry on. It's how I pick myself back up off the floor. So here we go with a simple things list. The best way to get yourself out of a funk. I guarantee.

Happy things. Simple things. Blessings. Little loves...

:: the quiet after the storm, nap time!
:: a simple cup of King Cole tea. It brings back so many memories for me. Mainly drinking it with my sister Katie.
:: board games with my boy, even if he likes to break the rules.
:: running errands all together as a family. Simple, yet very satisfying.
:: clearing the clutter. Bags dropped off to the Sally Ann.
:: Katia's new words. Beebooo = birdie and raven , Meeemooo = monkey, Doggy = well, you can guess what that means... but she also calls other animals doggy, Kitty = Kitty, Wowah = Noah , Eyemee = Iron Man (Noah's toy), Hul = Hulk, Pook = Book. These are just a few of her words. She has many more.
:: little boys who think they are a superhero.
:: popcorn, juice (rare treat), jammies = family movie night.
:: family time. Bowling at a funny little bowling alley here in Whitehorse.

And I'm feeling better already. Try it. You'll see.

ps. you may have noticed that Noah is making some pretty scary faces in the pics and that his face was painted green. He is convinced that he is the Hulk and I think it's super cute. I love little boys who believe with their whole heart that they are a superhero. We do our best to talk about "good" superheroes and what makes them good. Hulk isn't exactly the nicest of superheroes, but we look for th good in everyone. Hulk included.


  1. The bowling alley looks like a lot of fun! We have never taken the kids, but I bet they would sure love it.

  2. wow now I want to go to the bowling alley, looked like fun. Is that a Berenstein Bears game you are playing?


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