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Thursday, April 18, 2013

looking for the little things

 sleeping with her bum in the air! too cute not to take a picture

 cute stripes on her stockings (from Auntie Sarah)

 waking up and not so happy about it. cute shirt from her Auntie Sarah 

 ugh! go away snow, you are not welcome here 

It's been a bit of "a week". Not bad, but just "a week". Something must be going on with the stars/universe/energy because Noah has had an off week and that's just not like him. Argumentative, seeking attention by doing naughty's been a test on my patience that's for sure. A happy mama/Noah moment though was when one night when Katia had gone to bed early, we played some board games and read his Chirp magazine together. I knew that after the day we had,  I needed to slow down and give him some quality one on one (positive) attention. He seemed very happy and settled after that. Lesson to be learnt for me. It's so obvious that often children act out when they are in need of attention.
Today we woke up to snow and LOT'S of it! I think we must have received at least 15 cms! I won't lie, I seriously wanted to cry when I saw it all. Mother Nature had been working so hard at bringing us Spring. We were getting such sunny afternoons and the snow was melting away. Now, if you look outside it looks like we are in the thick of winter. It's still snowing as we speak and it is now 3pm. 
This morning we bundled ourselves up and went swimming with a friend at the Game Centre. Noah has his first little best friend and his name is Seth. Of couse Noah had friends before Seth, but they were always friends who had been introduced to him. Seth is a friend that Noah made at his playschool and it is so cute to see them play together. Seth really wanted to get his photos taken with Noah in the photo booth at the Games Centre. So cute!
We came home and I put both little ones down for a nap. They are still napping :) This allowed for me to have 2 cups of delicious chilli hot chocolate. I added a touch of maple sugar for some sweetness. A necessity on such a cold and dreary day outside. 
This weekend hubby will be heading to Vancouver on a work assignment. This means I will be on parental duty all weekend. Hmmmm... we may just have to do a sushi take out one night. Oh and season 2 of Downton Abbey awaits me :) 
And so, while I started off this post by saying that this had been "a week",  now, looking back on this post, I can see that there were some happy little moments that shone through. It's good to focus on the good, wouldn't you say? I'm gonna go with that. 


  1. cute photobooth pics, ha! yes, its hard to remember but when they are acting their worst they often need us most. counter-intuitive to how we WANT to react, haha!

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  3. Oh honey, we're having 'a week' too, I can totally relate! But those lovely moments shine strong and keep us going.
    I can't even imagine still being under all that snow. You are so strong!
    Sending you lots of love and strength to keep up your optimism!
    xoxo Dawn

  4. love the photobooth photos. I love when our kids really bond with their first friend, it's still great to see J meet up with his first friend and even though they go 7 or more months without seeing each other they pick right back up where they left off.

  5. Yes, it's always good to focus on the good! The first photo of your little napping is so cute! I love the striped stockings! I hope that Spring arrives soon and the snow melts. Have a great weekend! And I think sushi take out sounds like a wonderful idea! Enjoy!

  6. So lovely, Johanna. You are so wonderful at finding the good!


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