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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

little rambles

 (our first snowman of the year. Our sow is too powdery to make snowmen. We have to wait till the snow gets melty)

 (wearing her big brother's boots around the house) 

The holiday weekend is all over, and now we are getting back into our familiar rhythm. It was lovely to have Dada home for 4 straight days, we all enjoyed the slow relaxing pace of not having to do very much. Katia and Winslow mastered the art of taking naps together, she became quite attached to him actually. 
Today was kind of a long day as we eased back into our week. Winslow went to work and was called in for over time, this meant that I had an extra long day with the children. Despite my best efforts to tire them out with outdoor activities, they both had a hard time settling down at night time. This is very unlike Noah, but he actually asked if we could go for a walk after bathtime (he was in his jammies) and he lasted for a good long walk (which surprised me). Even after his walk, he still had a hard time settling down. 
Spring seems to be lingering in the air. Despite some fresh snow the other day, we have been hitting plus 2 and 3 temperatures lately, and it feels great! We also have longer days now, the sky is still quite bright even at 9 pm, and the snow is slowly but surely melting. Noah loves to watch the water (from melting snow) trickling down the sidewalk. He calls them rivers. 
I've been thinking a lot about our upcoming move this summer and how Noah will do with the adjustment. I think this is one of my biggest worries about the move. For those wondering (it still isn;t 100% a done deal), we will be moving to a very small and isolated community (caled Beaver Creek) this summer for a 2 year posting. Just to give you an idea as to how small this community is, I'll leave you with this little bit of info to digest. Beaver Creek has a population of 80 people, our closest grocery store will be 1.5 hours away in Alaska and Noah's school will be a "one room school house" type of school with 8 kids in it (kindergarden to grade 7 I think). Yes, I am sort of kind of freaking out ( a little bit). But please don't worry about us (or me). We've known for a long time that this would be part of our Yukon journey. I am nervous/worried about quite a few things, but am also excited for the many adventures and new experiences that we will have. It's only 2 years and someday, I know we will look back fondly of our time there (I sincerely hope). 
And so that is all for now. I'm off to catch some sleep and rest up for tomorrow. I need all the energy I can get to keep up with my two little ones. 
ps. pictures are from a little egg hunt that I did on Easter Monday for Noah and his friends Sunny and Evey 

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  1. I can't even imagine an egg hunt in the snow! It was amazingly warm here, and I was so grateful. The sunshine and warm breeze is helping me to perk up a bit and feel less weepy. It's a start.

    Your move sounds crazy! What an adventure that will be. Is there a post office in Beaver Creek? If there is, and I can't imagine there wouldn't be, I'll write to you if you'd like...

    Thanks for all your kind words, Jo. xoxo


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