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Friday, April 5, 2013

little loves

 more please!

 me- "Noah, let's take a picture together"
noah- "sure, let me make a funny face"
 me- "Noah, you're a goof"

Sometimes it's the most simple of things that makes the day that much more special. A walk after bath and jammies. "Candy cane" tea (peppermint tea) with honey to sip before bed. Using our favourite mugs. The simple act of blowing and popping bubbles. Today I enjoyed watching them play with their water beads in the sink. Tons of fun, splashing around and making a mess. I am thankful for these beautiful moments that I get to spend with my sweethearts.
I am becoming more aware than ever, that someday these moments will be tucked away in my memory. The kids will continue to grow and will want to spend less time with me. Right now, I am their everything. Right now, I am what they want and need. It's the most important job and I am beyond blessed to be able to do it.
What are your simple loves at the moment?


  1. what are the water beads? They look very fun

  2. I love these peaks into your happy home.


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