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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter (and the weekend of naps)

 (Katia and I have matching hair first thing in the morning)

This lovely 4 day weekend has been a much needed break for all of us. For the first time (in a while it seems), Winslow has had the whole holiday off, and we've just been relaxing most of the time. 
This morning the kids woke up to find that the Easter bunny had made a visit. The children were very excited to find some little gifts and treats laid out for them on the kitchen table. In case you are wondering what the ugly doll is that Noah received, it is a Gruffalo from his current favourite story. 
After some breakfast and treats, Noah and I got ready for church (Katia stayed home so that she could nurse her cold). Noah did very well at church (3 weeks in a row!). After church we went to our friend Leanne's house for a delicious brunch (yum!).
This evening we will go to our friend's for dinner, and tomorrow have a small dinner (and egg hunt) at our house. This weekend has been all about taking it easy, resting (both kids are sick), eating delicious food and celebrating the blessings in our life.
Happy Easter.
ps. I've been on pie making duty this weekend. 1 Banana cream pie (I took a picture to show my sister Katie), and 2 lemon meringues. 


  1. What a great sounding weekend! And I adore the easter bunting! Did you make it yourself? x

  2. Love, love, love your Easter decorations! And how wonderful that the kids got the Gruffalo.


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