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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

random ramblings

Spring is nowhere near us today (it never is on Spring Equinox when you live in the Yukon). Today is a day for snuggling under blankets, drinking tea and watching a movie I think. I feel bad. I feel like I should take the kids outside, but I had insomnia again last night (this seems to be a reoccurring theme for me lately). I work for 2 hrs in the night and couldn't sleep no matter how hard I tried. I'm not sure where it is coming from. Concerns/worries about our upcoming move?
I made the most amazing salad for dinner the other day and just finished the left overs for lunch. Roasted beets, roasted squash over arugula. Then I sauteed onions and mushrooms and lay those on top. On top of all of that, I sprinkled blue cheese, roasted sunflower seeds and fresh dill. I made a simple creamy balsamic salad dressing (mayo/balsamic vinegar) and I also had a hard boiled egg on the side. It was seriously amazing. I should've taken a picture.
Lately people seem to be up in arms over this whole "iphone mom, get off the phone" issue. Some people feel very defensive of the "iphone mom", don't judge, don't feel guilty. Others critique her "spend some time with your kid, why don't cha". All I can say is that I think a little bit of balance would be great for everyone. I do think (as a generality), that society is a bit too dependent and plugged in to the whole online world. I don't judge everyone who is on an iphone, but I do think that being conscious and mindful of how much time is spent infront of a screen would be beneficial for many. Just my thoughts.

We had a little "I survived my wisdom teeth extraction" celebratory dinner. We did sushi takeout. Yum! Noah and I LOVE sushi.
We had a little St.Paddy's Day dinner/potluck at our house on Sunday. The kids sorta went crazy with all the excitement and sugar. I made a money cake (remember those from childhood birthdays?) for dessert which I thought would be fun. It was. There were a bunch of quarters hidden in the cake and one "gold coin" (a loony). The person who got the gold coin would be the "lucky one".  Sarah got the gold coin :) Check out the side by side comparison of Noah and Sunny. The first one was taken on St.Paddy's Day 2011, then this year. Noah was only 18 months then!
Now we move onto Easter and Spring traditions. One Easter tradition in our house is to have an Easter tree (pussy willows work great!). It's fun to dye eggs and decorate the tree with them. We are making some egg decorations out of Crayola air dry clay. Noah will paint them when they are all dry.
That's all I have for now.
Happy Spring or Winter or whatever. I'm going to make a pot of tea for my sore throat.

(they were all faking it here)


  1. Goodness, those pictures of the kids jumping on the couches is just insanity! But your pictures prove someone was at least watching them ... at one point :)

  2. You know, I'm suffering from a small bit of insomnia right now too! I wonder, since our babies are about the same age, if it's just our bodies maybe adjusting to getting more regular sleep? We've spent how many countless, sleepless nights? LOL I've been trying basic meditation and breathing and it works really well. It's as though I'm having a really hard time shutting off my brain, but by body is tired. The meditation helps me turn off all the humming inside my head. It's not spring down here I think next week there is hope.

  3. This was great Johanna, the kids are having so much fun!
    I'm sorry about your insomnia. Could it be that you need more physical exertion? I was having problems sleeping, but since I began jogging every morning (hubby stays home and has breakfast with Raffi) I sleep so much better.
    You guys are moving again? Where to?
    Sending lots of are so creative and wonderful...
    xoxo Dawn

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