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Monday, March 25, 2013

weekend wrap up

This is the time of year where I start to get a little bit bitter about living up North.
When I log in to read my favourite blogs (many of them are bloggers who live in the US), I start to feel a tinge of jealousy and resentment. Oh why must you taunt me with your blog posts about blossoms on the trees and after dinner walks with cute kids wearing rain boots. Bah!
Spring is not showing her face around here anytime soon. While I am more than ready to bid farewell to the wintertime, it feels strange to be reading books to the kids about Spring and doing crafts with them, when we wake up to freezing temps and cars not starting. Hats, mitts, snowsuits and dry skin are still very much a reality for us here. (update- I wrote this last night, and today we had beautiful plus 3 weather!)
A few random things from the past weekend.
Yesterday Noah and I went to church together and we both really enjoyed it. This was our second week doing it like this and I like our little arrangement. Winslow gets to stay home with Katia and take it easy (which he really needs to do), and I get to take Noah to church. Noah is at the right age now where he can sit through the first 15 minutes of the service and then go down and participate in the Sunday School. I stay with him for Sunday School, but he actually participates in the lesson now, which means I'm not just playing with him in the nursery. I like this new arrangement of ours.
The other part I enjoy of our little date to church is the after part... Starbucks! Noah and I go on a little "after church date" to Starbucks. I get a coffee, he gets a little treat, and we both get to spend uninterrupted time together. Noah likes to sit by the fireplace... how romantic.
We are crafting up a storm around here. I am working on a batch of homemade Easter eggs for our egg hunt. I saw this tutorial and loved the idea (mine are not nearly as nice as hers, I should add.) I have a huge bin on scrap felt that I have been hanging onto for a long time. This uses up those scraps and we can reuse these eggs many times over.
We've also been working on making eggs for our Easter tree. We've cut out and painted some airdry clay eggs and tomorrow we will dye some eggs to hang on our tree. I can't wait for it all to come together.
I've been in the mood to do some baking lately. These orange date squares and these lemon squares are on my baking to-do list this week. I also need to get back on my meal planning schedule. I hate not knowing what we are doing for dinner.

Yesterday after church, I asked Winslow to take a few pictures of the kids and I. It doesn't happen often and I want to make an effort to be in the pictures (we need more pictures of Winslow with the kids too). Someday when we are all looking back, it would be nice to see the whole family in the pictures, nit just the kids.
And so that's the end for tonight. I hear that our temps might warm up this week, which means we will be heading outside more for some nice walks. I'm so ready for winter to be over (did I mention that? ;)


  1. It's still crappy down here too. Snowstorm this morning, I almost rear-ended someone!! I'll try and not talk too much about the coming spring, you'll have to cover your ears and hum if anyone does!

  2. Snowy and icy here too. I'm desperate for spring. Your spring arrangement looks absolutely lovely though.

  3. What great photos! I especially love the one of you and Katia where it looks like she's got a Mona Lisa smile. And oh how I miss pussy willows!

  4. so cute, we made the same salt dough eggs we just need to hang them on some branches


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