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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

happy things

Happy simple things as of late:
~ a present that I bought for myself came in the mail. I bought some prints from the Taproot print shop when I found out that we will be moving this summer ( I needed a pick me up). I absolutely love Phoebe Wahl's work. To see a lovely tour of her studio, visit this blog post (I just added it now). I put the prints up in our kitchen (my favourite room in the house). I think they look like they belong there.
~making a St. Patrick's Day garland with Noah. He helped with the glue and glitter (of course!). I'm such a suck for holiday things.
~ smoothies and sunny squash soup for me.
~ some new reading material for me.
~ some new reading material for Katia. I couldn't resist it. I love beautifully illustrated books.
~ a quick, easy and mostly painless recovery from my wisdom teeth extraction. So relieved.
~ the sunlight that is returning.

That is all for now. Happy days dear friends.


  1. Replies
    1. Lisa, we will be moving this summer to a very small community here in the Yukon called Beaver Creek. I'll write more about it when we have things finalized.

  2. Love those prints so much, the really do fit with your house.


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