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Monday, March 11, 2013

notes from my bed

I'm lying here in bed, all set up with books, magazines, drinks, a sweet card from my dear thoughtful friend Sarah and peace and quiet. This is strange to me (as most mama's might be able to relate to)...quiet time to myself to do nothing? Hmmm, maybe this wisdom teeth extraction wasn't such a horrible thing after all. I might be eating my words tomorrow, but for now, I'm feeling good.
The best part about my wisdom teeth extraction was that I was sedated for it. I actually have zero recollection of it, which was so good for me. In the past I have had dental work that I was awake for and where I felt every little bit of it, and witnessed every little bit of it. I barely remember anything from today's procedure which makes it all that much easier for me to move on from it. Moral of the story? If you have to get your wisdom teeth out, please please please ask to be sedated.
On to more happy things :)
~ Now that my dental work is out of the way, I am dreaming up plans for St. Patrick's Day and Easter celebrations. I am thinking of doing a small dinner on St.Patrick's day and am excited to do some yummy desserts (hopefully I'll be up for eating by then! I sure am hungry... RIGHT NOW!). And for Easter I am thinking of having dinner here again with a very small group of friends.
~ This song gets right to my heart. It's an oldie but a goodie. Just the vulnerability and strength (yes, I know they are opposites) in her voice. Not a great video I must say, but her voice- I love that raw voice. I got her new album for Christmas and love having in the car when we drive around.
~ Looked at this lil video today. It took me to my "happy place", the East Coast. We have no clue as to where we will go after our time in the Yukon is done, we do get to put in some choices, but at the end of the day, we will just have to wait and see. That being said, I am quite smitten on the idea of moving to Nova Scotia.
That's all for now from here. Hope you are all well.


  1. My husband is from Cape Breton and just after we were married we bought 10 acres of land out there just off of the Bras D'Or Lakes and my husband's parents bought the 8 acres right beside it. They have put a cabin up on there side and when whenever we go out to visit that is where we stay. It is gorgeous out there! We would never move out there, but it is sure nice to have vacation property there.

  2. oh! And very happy to hear your dental work wasn't a horrible ordeal. I hope you are feeling just as good about it today!

  3. Nova Scotia :) I think we know I dig it there. Funny enough we aren't trying to go back. I hope to maybe own someday there.


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