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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

the need to create

Recently I've had a little resurgence in my desire to be creative and make things. In the matter of one week, I have completed 3 projects and I have been really happy with them. They are not for anything special, except for us to enjoy, which makes them even more special.
The first project I did was a set of little houses made of crayola air dry clay. I love this stuff because it gives immediate results and it doesn't need to be fired. I use this clay quite a bit with Noah, especially at Christmastime to make ornaments. It also works well for hand prints.
I had seen many of these types of houses on Pinterest and Etsy, and yes, I do believe in buying and supporting other artists, but I also believe that it is okay to be inspired and to make things for yourself. Would I go and sell these little houses on Etsy, when other artists do so? No. Would I sell them at craft sales here in the Yukon, when no one else makes them up here? Yes. For as long as art has existed, artists have found inspiration from other artists. I think as long as you give credit, don't try to take business from others, and don't pretend to be the original one, then it is okay.
I quite like how my little houses turned out and I think I might make some gnomes to go with them....or  some matryoshka dolls.
The second project I completed was a sundress for Katia, using some old pieces of fabric that I had on hand. I wanted it to be ready for our upcoming trip to Cuba, but I didn't use a pattern and unfortunately, it turned out to be way too big on her. I think come summer or fall it might fit her, and it would look cute with a long sleeved t-shirt under it.
And last, my favourite one of them all, a painting that I did of a matryoshka doll. I have a thing for matryoshka dolls. Yesterday, I got out my paints (and Noah's paints too), and we painted together. I haven't completed a painting for quite some time, and it felt so good to have the desire to do it. This painting was completed in just over 24 hrs. I went back to it a few times and would spend about a 2-3 hrs at a time at it. I used water colours for it and am happy with how she turned out.
And that is all for now. Who knows if I will continue with this creative streak (I hope so!) It would be nice to make up a few more paintings and clay houses. Sewing is not quite my forte, so I think I will take a little break from it for now.
Creating art and things to use is something that I just need to do. It is part of who I am. Since having children, I have found it very hard to find the motivation and attention that making art requires. I find myself often feeling scatterbrained and unfocussed, but lately it's been different. I really appreciate that making art is a gift that I can give myself. It's not for anyone else but me. It allows me to escape and focus on something. It feels right.
How about you? Have you felt the need to make lately?


  1. I would like to make clay tags and sell them here locally. There is an Etsy seller though who has put me off because on her blog she talks frequently about copycats and copyrights and lays claim to the original tags. I am not sure though because the art on them is a stamp and when you buy that stamp you are really buying the right to use it whether on clay, paper etc.

    Your projects are lovely. I have a thing for the nesting dolls too.

  2. Love the painting of the mtryoshka doll. I just love them too, and often doodle them. And I totally agree about art and crafting being something you just have to do...I feel exactly the same way!


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