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Sunday, January 27, 2013

late night rambles

Hello there. Late night rambles as I lie in bed with my two little ones. We have had the stomach flu this week. Fun times have NOT been had.
We received some exciting/scary/nerve racking/ put you in your place kinda news this week. It involves a move (in the Yukon). In the next few months. I'll share more when it's more finalized. It's been weighing on my mind a great deal. Ah the life of a police family.
We are off to Cuba in about 2 weeks and I am very excited to get into the sun for a bit. Living in the North takes it's toll with the lack of sun light in the winter. Warm sun, sand, bare feet, a nice drink in hand... yes, here we come! Hubby will be turning 30 while we are there....trying to think of something fun to do for him.
Today I came across some prints of a favourite artist of mine and had to give myself a little present. It's been a rough week. New art always helps that. I bought a Nikki Mcclure print and 2 by Pheobe Wahl. I really love Pheobe Wahl's work.
In other news, I have been getting into the habit of painting with Noah lately and I love it! Before
I had children, I dreamed of doing this with them one day. Painting side by side. Quiet time together. It feels so good.
And that is all for now.
ps. I cut Noah's hair this week so it will be ready for Cuba! Makes him look so grown up I think.
Gosh I love his smile.

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  1. Can't wait to see where you are being transferred to. We are in the midst of one ourselves.


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