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Saturday, January 19, 2013


recently ...
the days have been long
we've been filling our time up with crafts
wooden spoon puppets have been made for 2 days straight now
bees wax candles have been rolled and enjoyed
little friends (Hailey and Robin) came over to play
walks outside have kept us sane
snow snow snow
I went on a date with my girl and boy at Starbucks ... it was surprisingly relaxed
the cold and sniffles are back in our house
a lot of one pot baked dishes have been being made ... so much more easy (baked pork chops with a salsa verde marinade, surrounded by tons of peppers and onions)
dreaming of the beach and heat


  1. I want to try those candles. It's frigid here this weekend, too. Brr. The spring will come, the spring will come, the spring will come!:)

  2. Mmm your supper sounds good. Recipe please

  3. You can have our heat, Jo! We reached 47C on Friday!!

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