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Thursday, January 10, 2013

on cat ears and more

My boy. Oh my sweet beautiful boy who makes my heart flutter (it's true). This is such a special time in your life, and I've been meaning to take a few minutes to record it... so here we go.
One of the most special things from this time that I want to always remember is your imagination. Oh the ideas and games that come out of your mind amaze me. And your ability to make believe is so so special. I know this time is fleeting, so I grab my camera when I see you being a cat. I already cherish these photos that stop time just for a minute.
You will notice that there are a ton of photos of you wearing your cat ears. The ears were originally mine from our 2011 Halloween, but when you found them in our Halloween box, they quickly became yours. These days, you firmly believe that you are a cat (which is funny because we don't have one). You answer in "meows" to people who make comments about your ears and you also have two make believe pet cats (originally named Home Hardware, now named Hulk and Ironman... hmmmm).
Lately you like to check in with me throughout the days by saying, "Mama? I love you."
To which I answer, "Noah? I love you too. "
I remember doing this with my mommy too. There was something so comforting to me as a little girl knowing that above all else, I had the love of my mama. I think you know what I am talking about.
The other day I said to you, "Noah, you are my sweet sweet boy." (I often say this to you).
To which Noah replied, "Mama, you are my sweet sweet mommy." Oh be still my heart.
Noah you really really are my sweet boy. I see you changing so much lately, growing up, becoming interested in new things, being a bit more independent and I am so proud of you my dear. This time in your life is so short and precious and beautiful. I know that it is only a matter of time before you decide to play with something other than your cat ears. That soon you won't want to play those types of games, so I am holding onto this time as much as I can.
I love you my big 3 year old!
ps. oh and one last thing.... boy can you dance! You are constantly dancing, shaking your hips, moving around to the beat. You've got moves.

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  1. I'm crying now, and I JUST did my makeup. Thanks.
    But really that is so sweet and Noah is such a hilarious, sweet kid.


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